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About Us

We recognize that the family law community has its own unique set of needs. In response to the demand for more tailored family services and facilities, Signature Family Law was born. While still operating under the Signature Resolution umbrella, Signature Family Law provides an unparalleled level of service aimed at the family law community.

Signature Family Law's panel of neutral sets the standard for excellence and innovation. Our neutrals include some of the most sophisticated family law bench officers in California, at the local, national and international levels. Whether your case needs a child custody mediator, a family law trial judge, or a combination of both, Signature Family Law has the talent, experience, and compassion to address even the most contentious of cases.

Clients expect a lot. We deliver more.


Our Neutrals

Signature Family Law neutrals have decades of experience as judicial officers in the nation's largest superior court family law division. They have also served as law professors and teachers of family law and community property at the local, state, national and international levels, and are recipients of the most distinguished awards and honors given to family law judicial officers. Simply put, Signature Family Law offers the most successful and experienced bench available.



Signature Family Law offers all of the services you need to resolve your case, including Judge Pro Tem, Arbitration, Mediation, Discovery, Parenting Plan Coordinator and Education.


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