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Dedicated To Serving Our Clients

Signature Family Law offers all the services you need to resolve your case, including:

Judge Pro Tem

With our flagship private courtroom in Century City, your next trial can be litigated efficiently, fairly, and compassionately by an experienced and knowledgeable Judge Pro Tem in a comfortable, state of the art environment.


Signature Family Law has the neutrals and facilities to assist you in arbitrating your family law cases.


Each family law case is complex and unique. Signature Family Law's selection of neutrals offers you the opportunity to find the mediator who best fits your case. We have the strongest bench available to find the most fair, creative, and appropriate resolution to your case.

Team Mediation

Some family law cases involve very complex and high-stakes issues that may require extra efforts to resolve. Having collaborated for decades, Signature Family Law neutrals are a team in every sense of the word. When your case requires the assistance of more than one mediator, our neutrals will work together to resolve even the most challenging conflicts.

Mediation with Other Professional Services

When the resolution of your case requires additional resources such as child custody professionals or forensic accountants, Signature Family Law can draw upon their years of experience in the field to build the best team to help you.

Hague Convention and International Child Custody Mediation

We live in a world made of increasingly global connections, relationships and businesses. Signature Family Law neutrals have the most experience available in resolving and litigating international family law issues and Hague Convention cases.


When your complex case has discovery issues that require assistance, we are the resource. Our neutrals have the experience to serve as discovery referees in all forms of discovery disputes and depositions.

Parent Plan Coordinator

Parenting issues are challenging and complex, and some require ongoing intervention. Signature Family Law neutrals have served as highly effective Parenting Plan Coordinators who will work with families to navigate even the most contentious relationships.